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We’ve been talking a lot internally about how to approach the eDiscovery roadblocks our customers are feeling pain about. As mentioned in a previous post, eDiscovery seems like an overly broad and at this point, totally overused term.

Its the perfect problem for us; full of complexity, difficult to assess, open to decisions that are politically driven instead of driven by technology strategy. It’s full of problems and issues that people are spending a lot of money and effort on, but are left with a feeling of agony because they cannot find an easy solution.

At Nextpoint, we have been thinking about these problems for a while; how to create a faster, simpler, and less expensive way of performing eDiscovery, that contains post-discovery functionality. After all, producing an email is where the evidence starts, not ends.


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From Hacker/Essayist Paul Grahams Mind the Gap

Will technology increase the gap between rich and poor? It will certainly increase the gap between the productive and the unproductive. That’s the whole point of technology. With a tractor an energetic farmer could plow six times as much land in a day as he could with a team of horses. But only if he mastered a new kind of farming.

We’re all learning to cope with an exponentially increasing amount of information. I’ve yet to find anybody with a bigger burden than attorneys, just in eDiscovery review alone. Clearly the attorneys and firms that are able to overcome this burden have a huge opportunity to excel. Because of that fact, a lot of law firms and corporate legal departments have set out to build tractors or are making huge capital investments in technology and the teams of people needed to maintain those investements. Meanwhile there is an infinite amount of land to be plowed. Why not lease the tractors and plow bigger fields?

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