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A recent post on ars technica describes an emerging trend dubbed IT consumerization. Basically the idea is that the technology industry’s innovations are now primarily focused on the consumer market.  Great new technologies start with the consumer and are later adapted to the enterprise.  Think iPhone or Gmail & Google Docs.  It’s a big shift.

“… the office has gone from being the place where you spend time with cutting-edge technology, to a technological boneyard where you’re perpetually trapped about three years in the past.”

This sounds really familiar.  I hear it all the time from customers and friends.  One close friend of mine works remotely for a company and says it can take up to 5 minutes over the VPN to open a document.  Her efficiency (and to some degree sanity) is seriously crippled by something as simple as sharing documents in a secure fashion.  Most of us can name 5 great web-based document sharing services that are fast, secure, and pleasurable to use.  If the internal IT infrastructure can’t keep up with better and less expensive solutions, it’s time to move on.  Find consumer grade solutions.

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Thanks to my colleague Justin for sharing this post.


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The Plane! The Plane!

To borrow from Tatoo, seems like internet on the planes will be a service here sooner rather than later. Maybe rich corinthian leather is next!


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