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One of the exciting things for us is seeing the interest in our web application from other litigation support providers. Anyone who is in the business of helping corporations and law firms with their technology needs has one of two options – buy what is in the marketplace, or build your own.

We took the latter approach.  The Nextpoint web application is our application and our code.  That said, lots of other smart people have decided that wasn’t the right approach for them, it wasn’t the right business to be in.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t need great software.  We’re excited to be building our partner program.  There’s more than enough pain to go around and it’s unrealistic to expect to be the only provider of customer service in the industry.  We’re committed not to just taking market share, or generating more profit — our mission is to deliver great technology to be used in the daily practice of law and it’s neat to spend some time thinking about all the different ways that can happen.


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