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Our creative and technology expertise are driven by the idea that simpler is better.  Jargon is toxic and is purposely designed to create communications barriers.  In fact, that’s the whole point of jargon. Here’s a good article from the ABA Journal (which I’m becoming a follower of) on litigating without jargon. An excerpt,

“The difficulty with legalisms is not just that they are strange and hard to follow. It is not just that they are often put together backward: “What next, if anything, did you do with respect to the operation and control of the motor vehicle in question?”

The problem is that they are hollow, empty words that —even when put together properly—don’t tell a story.”

The author’s suggestions for rectifying this are the same we start with in pretty much anything we do — what’s our story here?  What has happened?  What is the audience going to understand, what knowledge to they come in with and what biases do they have?

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