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Larry Ellison elegantly unpacks “cloud” as a either being scary or unknown.


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Craig Ball per usual has an entertaining and enlightening article on doing an e-mail collection out of the cloud. The great thing about Craig is that he’s a technologist – not just a lawyer talking about the implications of technology, so he details here his workaround to harvest emails from Yahoo Email.

Interesting to note that Craig presumes – even with the implications of cloud-based adoption he himself identifies – that there is something one can do about jumping to the cloud.  That e-discovery concerns are in and of themselves enough to prevent people from going to the cloud.

That time has passed.  Collections from Facebook or Twitter are an inevitability.  Enterprise Gmail – which Nextpoint uses – has a robust collections engine built in.  It’s primarily why we went to it, all of our email is searchable and exportable in minutes enterprise wide via Postini.

The Cloud in fact is not a collections problem.  It is the collections solution.  There is no answer to the platform interoperability issues, the scale issues and the cost issues besides having a collections tool that is cloud based.

And long-term this is a gift to GC’s.  Future thinking in-house counsel who align themselves with the CFO’s of their company to push their CTO’s and CIO’s into the cloud for email, document management systems, and customer management systems will see greatly reduced costs for collections, streamlined early case assessment, and develop a powerful new ally in the C-suite.

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