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We’re really excited to be announcing today our new product lineup. We think it’s pretty much the cat’s meow and are pumped to be showing it off, and also really excited for our customers who get a whole bunch of cool new technology that solves a lot of currently intractable problems for them.

Our new products, Nextpoint Preservation Clouds and Nextpoint Discovery Clouds, build upon our industry re-defining Trial Preparation platform, now called Nextpoint Trial Clouds for consistency across our product line — and to hopefully define for lawyers, in a very clear and obvious way, what each product does.

By providing an integrated solution for ESI, from preservation through trial, we’ve answered our customer’s pressing needs to simplify their technology infrastructure. Now an email entered as a trial exhibit can be tracked to the original collected email box, with the entire discovery history of the document preserved – relevance, review, redactions, production history, and so on. A groundbreaking achievement that no other single platform can offer today.

We can offer these products at breakthrough prices because of our commitment over the past five years to research and development in cloud computing. Our products represent the state of the art in the legal industry today — with unprecedented security, uptime and speed — at a price point that will reshape the entire legal technology landscape.

Our mission has always remained the same — to provide a technology service that delivers comprehensive, speedy access to all evidence, allowing lawyers focus on the complexities of their cases instead of electronic data management. We’re excited by the latest advancements furthering that cause and are confident you’ll find them a significant addition to your practice.

Nextpoint’s Litigation Technology is now:

Nextpoint Preservation Cloud

Highly secure, instantly scalable storage and processing resource to preserve and manage large volumes of ESI. Basic file processing allows exectution of keyword extractions, date restrictions, as well as customized billing reports to capture storage costs. Each instance can be individually branded and includes a comprehensive account dashboard for data custodians.

Nextpoint Discovery Cloud
Extended native file processing service paired with a robust, web-based review platform for litigation teams. Run complex searches, define, and refine document reviews quickly and easily. Simple, intuitive interface with bates-stamping, redaction, and privilege log generation tools.

Nextpoint Trial Cloud
This web-based trial application is a powerful, straightforward and elegant solution to managing evidence in civil litigation in a single, integrated environment. All key evidence types — documents, depositions, and transcripts — are instantly available from comprehensive search engine. Patent-pending functionality includes the most advanced tagging, coding, and deposition designation tools available on the market today. Built-in presentation tools allow trial teams to generate and save document callouts quickly and easily, electronic exhibit stamping eliminates an outdated, manual paper process. Seamless integration from Nextpoint Preservation and Discovery Clouds.


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